We represent medical malpractice victims.

We represent medical malpractice victims. It’s all we do, and nobody does it better. 

More than $75 million in verdicts and settlements says a lot, because in a business where TV commercials constantly show us carnival-barking lawyers claiming that all of your problems can be solved with one call, the experience, expertise, and hard work that generates actual results still matters. Eight-figure jury verdicts in tough trials still matter. And having the respect of defense lawyers and insurance claims adjusters, and a reputation for excellent and tireless work, still matters.

Our results validate our commitment to doing medical negligence lawsuits at the very highest level. We are fully immersed in medical malpractice litigation every day, as opposed to most personal injury law firms that handle auto accidents, slips and falls, and other such cases. Our laser-sharp focus allows us to quickly spot legal and medical trends as they develop and evolve as we pioneer new strategies and tactics to combat the insurance defense industry. Daily we are collaborating with the top medical experts around the country to find, or create, a path toward justice for our medical malpractice clients.

Our approach: fewer cases, more personal attention, better results.

Part of our commitment to doing excellent work for our clients is limiting the number of cases on which we work. We do not employ a team of non-attorney “case handlers” or less experienced associate attorneys to churn through a high-volume workload. We simply refuse to become one of those law firms at which the experienced trial lawyers only get involved in the later stages of the case, if at all. From day one, our clients have the collective time, attention, energy and experience of the seasoned medical malpractice attorneys who will be handling their case at trial, which translates to better representation, and better financial recoveries.

Other lawyers often ask, “Wouldn’t it just be easier to hire some young associate attorneys to handle the unimportant parts of your cases?” Our response, “There are no unimportant tasks in the cases we handle; victory is always in the details and is never achieved at the maximum level without bringing to bear the full weight of our firm’s substantial experience, dogged determination and blatant refusal to settle for less than our clients deserve.

Thank you for visiting. While we regret that some life event has caused you to explore a medical malpractice law firm website, we are grateful that you found us, and we would be honored to speak or visit with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us  if we can be of assistance.